Up Cane Creek W.C. Campbell and Ricky Sharpe Salt Creek Band
SSM Jammers out in front of the store. Cathy Perrone and Ricky Sharpe SSM Jammers out in front of the store.
Stoney Hill Bluegrass   Rocky River Ramblers
  When one of the bands failed to show, pickers jamming eagerly volunteered to come up on stage and perform, and did a great job as well. Bryan Goldston pickin' out one on the guitar, next to his wife Margaret.   Banjo picker for Southland warming up before going on stage.
  Flatt Tyred warming up. Some of the crowd for the celebration   Flatt Tyred on stage.
  Gary from Up Cane Creek on stage. Donny (aka Santa), Tim and Gary visiting during the stage show.   Porch visiting from a fiddles-eye view.
  Jammin all around Chana and Vance visiting in the vendor booth   More jammin
  Foster visiting with friends and neighbors. Mike Cooke singing 6,000 year old man   Libby and friends enjoying the celebration.
  Stoney Hill Bluegrass Jack and Kate volunteer performing.   Stoney Hill Bluegrass
  Up Cane Creek Tim drawing names for door prizes   Up Cane Creek