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Reno Sharpe's store is located between Goldston and Pittsboro NC. at the corner of Reno Sharpe Store Rd. and Goldston-Pittsboro Rd.

Reno's store was for years, the focal point of the community where you could go buy your groceries, trade goods, cash your payroll check or just hang out and take in the latest news and gossip.

The store was built in the 1880's and moved to its current location in 1920. Reno's grandfather, R.C. Sharped owned and operated the store until Reno and his late brother Raymond took it over in the 40's. Reno continued to operate the store until its official closing in April, 2003. Since that time, Reno and his family, have opened the store twice a month for the music.

The music began at the store at the request of one of the former senior patron's, the late Wilson Poe Sr. He had regularly attended the music on Friday nights at Charlie's Music Barn and asked some of the musicians there if they might come out to Reno's some Saturday morning and play. Shortly after then, the music began, and the fall of 2009 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the music at Reno's store.

Twice a month, year-round, first and third Saturday mornings folks come from far and wide to take in the Gospel and Bluegrass, respectively. Local residents take the opportunity to come out and relive just "being" at the store. On Bluegrass Saturdays, we try to have food, which is usually catered, and is available for all for a donation. The money is used to keep the facilities clean and in working order. All donations are put back into the music, in order to keep the tradition alive.

So plan to come out and bring your instrument to play or just come to listen. Once you attend, you will know why that the music at Sharpe's Store is definitely something to experience.

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to honor the memory of Reno Sharpe and his love of traditional old time string music and to educate and to share this experience with visitors, listeners and participants of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.
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Where we are located

5790 Pittsboro Goldston Rd, Bear Creek NC

or at the corner of Reno Sharpe Store Rd. and SR1010

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